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How Fox Rescue Began

About a year and a half ago, I got my first rescued fox.  I named her Marvelo.

A farmer who lived a few houses down from me had found her in a dog trap set on their property.  She was about three months old.  The farmer took her to the local animal nursery to see if the owners would take the fox cub.  I worked at the animal nursery at the time and asked my boss if he wanted a fox cub.  He said no because the nursery was full of chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks.

I offered to have the fox cub instead.  My neighbours, the farmers, said they would give her to me.  You have to imagine this to understand how much I appreciate people like this man and woman.  They live on a farm where they raise chooks and lambs.  Foxes are a huge pest in this area and are always killing livestock.  Yet, the farmers didn't want to kill her.

I kept Marvelo, the cub, for near two months before she escaped from my care.  She did become quiet tame but still had the wild instinct which most foxes will.  I learnt from this mistake and found out that foxes are incredible escape artists.

However, My Aunt originally got me into loving foxes and showed me how beautiful they are.  She had a fox named Foxy, which she had raised from a young cub.  She had free roam of the farm and came into the house as she pleased. 

Since then I have had four younger foxes that came to me in one litter.  There were three boys (one who was very badly injured and died shortly after I got him) and one girl.  I still have both of the boys, whereas the girl, who didn't settle down as much as the boys, went to the wild.

As, you'd expect, many people disagree with what Fox Rescue does and we understand why.  Foxes are truly a problem in Australia. 

Please, do not email us telling us to stop.  We are not doing any damage to native flora and fauna.  We don't really want to see any emails saying how foxes are pest animals and shouldn't be saved.  Like all animals, they do what they have to to survive.

However, any friendly suggestions, comments or questions are great.   We always looks forward to hearing from interested people.

Fox Rescue has become quite well known since 2010.  We have many members and an extensive list of people waiting to adopt a fox. 

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